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Rock Wedding Favours

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At Rock On we are now able to supply rock 
wedding favours for your big day! We can 
provide for all scales of weddings from the 
extravagant and grand to the simpler and 
more intimate affair. 

-Large or Small orders of Rock.

-No order too big or too small.

-We can provide rock in three 
different sizes.

-We normally provide the traditional
flavours of rock which are fruit and mint.

-If you would like different flavours 
we can provide these too.
(We just don't always stock these so 
would take slightly longer to come in)

-We can personalise the rock labels for
your wedding with names, dates etc.

-To have names through rocks would 
require a boiling of rock, which is 
much more expensive and has to be
bought in much greater quantities.

-This isn't a problem but you would
have to commit to buying the full 
boiling of rock.

We can also assist with the theme of the 
wedding and in particular The Seaside! 
With our portfolio of Rock and our gift 
shop located on the English South Coast, 
we are able to offer many Seaside themed 
items that will add great detail to your 
day and ensure that it is a day 
you will never forget!

-We can offer a wide range of Seaside themed 

-Windmills in any quantities that you need. 
(Specific colour may require a bulk order)

-Seaside Sweets we have readily available.
Twirly Pops
Flying Saucers
Rock Dummies

-Buckets and Spades in many different sizes 
and colours. Any quantity.

-Inflatables.  Beach Balls, Lilos, Rubber 
Rings. We have all these in stock +
much much more.

-We have a great selection of seaside gifts 
as well. From Beach huts, to seaside mugs 
and then shells. We can pretty much provide 
anything you can think of when it comes 
to a Seaside Themed Wedding!

-Seaside bunting we have readily available. 
And once again we can provide this in great 

Enquiries & Orders... 
If you would like to enquire about this 
service then please email us and we will 
get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. 
Simply email what you would be interested in 
and what sort of quantities you are thinking 
of and we will provide a quote that is 
our best price!

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