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Party Bags!

Party Bags!

From children's parties to sophisticated dinners to 
wedding favours. We can provide party bags for any 
occasion or event. Tell us which sort of event and 
which kind of style and we can come up with party 
bags for you.  Email us at.....  


Tell us what you want and we will get back to you 
within 24 hours with a quote!

We can source lots of different varieties of party bag 
from dinosaur themed, colourful stripes, black lace or 
hessian.  Just ask which you would like and we will  
hopefully be able to provide it for you

We can provide any number of colourful 
and unusual sweets to go into the party 
bags. Twirly Pops, Rock Dummies or Sticks 
of Rock. Whatever quantities that you 
need we can provide no order is too big 
or too small.

Any number of our personalised products 
we can put into the party bags.  We have 
a very wide range so no matter if your 
event is for children or for adults we 
can cater for it!


-Tell us what you want.

-Whether you would like the bags 
personalised. We can do this with 
party names, peoples names, dates 
etc etc.

-Which type of bag you want?

-Which sweets or confectionery that 
you want? (That we have available 
on our website...)

-If you want personalised gifts 

-How many you want?

-Or any other requests that you
might have?

Just email us at......


and we will get back to within 24 hours with a quote!

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