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Can we create any of our personalised products in other than the names listed?

I am afraid not, the personalised products that we sell all come in on set stands and I am sorry to say that it is impossible to get specific names made up. However, the list of names that we do have is based upon the register of births from 5 years ago and so when names come back in or new names are created (and are added to our list) they will go up immediately...so please feel free to keep checking!

Can you choose which colour personalised product you would like?

This is unfortunately not possible, the products all come to us in pre set colours for each different name. However all the products tend to be split into boy and girl orientation if that helps!

Where do we ship to?

We can ship to anywhere in the world, there are three different postage options of UK, Europe and Worldwide. UK is £2.99 delivery and if you order over £30 it is free.  Europe and Worldwide are calculated upon the weight of the items as the prices vary quite vastly.

Do we accept any other payment method other card?

We can take payments over the phone but we are not always in our office.... So if you would like to do this please email us your phone number and order and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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